AKA dishes out 'ice cold' clap back

06 February 2018
Well, that went left really quickly...
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A tweep must be ruing over the moment they decided to post a tweet trolling AKA's single status. Not one to take mudslinging laying low, the Baddest rapper clapped back at the tweet about him being single this Valentine's Day.

"Yes I will be single on Valentine's Day... but you will be poor every day in 2018." 

Wait, wait!

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It all started when the Twitter user posted a picture of AKA with his hand raised up, captioning it; "By show of hands, how many of you will be single this Valentine's Day."

After admitting that his reply might have been rather "ice cold", he explained that he is a real person too. 

"The problem with twitter is that people think celebs are some sort of robots here to serve the public", he tweeted.

Adding "Sit with your keypads at your fingers and try to embarrass us then cry foul when we react. Well, I'm not one of those celebs. I'm a real person. Not a bot. I'm not just data." 


Photo Credit: Instagram/Blaq Smith