AKA and Bonang are "the pinnacle of like of SA pop culture"

13 December 2016
Nobody does it like AKA and Bonang.
There's no doubt that AKA and Bonang Matheba are one of the hottest couples in South Africa.
The lovebirds are doing extremely well in their careers, and have millions of fans around the continent.

And that's probably why AKA believes that they are the pinnacle of South African pop culture.

In an interview with Slikouronlife, the rapper said: "If you would think about me and my girl right now, we're like, they always say Kanye and Kim... Dude, we're definitely like the pinnacle of like of SA pop culture right now... I don't think there's ever been anything like that. I think that's really like a first."

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He continued: "You know, who can you compare it to... in South Africa? Like Connie and Shona? No. It's in its own... I'm not saying there haven't been couples like that before, I'm just saying like, at the point where she is and I am at this moment right now in our careers we both are super insanely on fire and it's at the same time..."

Image credit: Instagram/akaworldwide