A Reece parts ways with Ambitouz Ent

17 February 2017
The young rapper chucks deuces to his record label!
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.15.11 PM
Since it's inception Ambitiouz Ent has made waves by having one of the largest hitmaker rosters in Mzansi. Artist after artist from their label has dropped hits, topped charts and scooped awards but now it seems one of their biggest gems is saying deuces.

On Friday afternoon A Reece took to his Twitter account to reveal that he had left the label with immediate effect. The shock announcement left fans stunned with some assuming A Reece's account had actually been hacked.

Alas though it seems the news was all true and for now the "Zimbali" hitmaker seems to be a solo artist. Take a look at some of the tweets below

1504877162 34 screen shot 2017 02 17 at 1.15.11 pm

1504877186 34 screen shot 2017 02 17 at 1.15.22 pm

1504877210 34 screen shot 2017 02 17 at 1.15.34 pm
 There's no word yet from Ambitiouz Ent.