Kwesta Says He Doesn't Do Drugs

27 April 2016
Local rapper, Kwesta, has had to explain himself following a recent radio interview in which he appeared to be a bit out of it.

In a short Twitter clip of the interview, the rapper is looking and sounding very tired, which has led some people to speculate that he was high on something. Kwesta has clapped back and assured all that he is not on drugs!

The Ngud' hitmaker has shared his side of the story. According to the rapper: "I do not do drugs and neither does anyone in my crew. I do not like people who spread lies."

He explained that he was performing in Sandton until the early hours of the morning, before shooting off for the interview. "My performance was at 4am and my interview was at 7am. You can just imagine. I had not slept."

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