50 Trolls Bow Wow for Falling Onstage!

10 March 2020
50 Cent takes aim at Bow Wow's L

Gravity gets us all.

But when it comes to performing artist, falling mid-performance in front of a large crowd of adoring fans ranks right up there with the worst of possibilities. And Bow Wow took his first major L for 2020 when he tripped and took a topple while performing. The rapper was delivering an energtic treatment of his verse on I Think They Like Me (Remix) when he left Millenium Tour festival goers gasping. 

The fall happened while Bow Wow was heading backwards towards the bag of the stage when his leg lost balance and took him down. 

But while some fans have been sending their warm regards to the fave afterwards, 50 Cent wasn't playing as nice. 

The rapper, who recently shook the table when he trolled Oprah Winfrey's own fall onstage, took to his Instagram to throw a few jabs at his close friend Bow Wow. 


Photo Credit: Getty Images