50 Cent made a fool out of Ja Rule in shocking stunt

29 October 2018
The two-decade feud might have plunged to the lowest level of pettiness

Rappers 50 Cents and Ja Rule may both be past their charting prime, but it appears their beef has more longevity.

50 Cent recently claimed to have bought no less than 200 seats to a Ja Rule concert just so that the show looks empty. The rapper turned television producer shared a photoshopped snap of himself occupying one of many empty seats at a show. "What a show!", he opened the caption which featured expletives. 

Ja Rule's reaction to the petty stunt started off being rather coy, as he appeared to be laughing at the ridiculousness of the stunt. 

That didn't last long, though. Ja Rule later rolled a series of photoshopped images of 50 Cent, which are just a petty. 

Who would have thought these two are still at it?