5 songs we hope play at #MOAP

01 July 2016
With just one more sleep till the Mother of All Parties in Durban, we are officially beside ourselves with excitement and rightfully so!

After picking out outfits and practicing dance moves we realised that with such a turnt lineup, it's near impossible to pick one act over the other. We do however have a few songs that we're crossing fingers that the performing artists add to their set.

Here are the Top 5 songs we're dying to hear at #MOAP:

Ricky Rik - Nafukwa

Picture the breeze of the ocean in your face, the Durban sun setting behind you and your friends having the time of their life as the worries of the world pass you by. Then... Ricky Rik steps on stage and without warning breaks into his unashamedly speaker destroying, made for the people banger, "Nafukwa"! Is there any better concert memory than that? We don't think so.

Eve - Who's That Girl

If you were born in the 80s or 90s, chances are at one point in your life you really wanted to be a member of the Ruff Ryders. Knowing our parents weren't going to buy us a quad bike to ride down the street, we settled for a Raleigh bike instead. That didn't stop Eve though from making you feel like the most gangsta kid in the neighbourhood while you practiced your Harlem shake in front of the mirror.

Tinashe - 2 On

Tinashe is hot. Really hot! Pair that with her dance moves, one of the biggest songs of 2014/15 and you have the perfect recipe for the ultimate turn up! Need we say more?

Chris Brown - Back To Sleep

While Chris Brown sure knows how to bust a move, his bedroom music skills are just as potent and never fail to leave the ladies blushing and the fellas putting on their best smooth-guy act. We definitely hope he performs this one so we can get our slow dance on!

(If not, we'll gladly accept "Take You Down" as a replacement)

DJ Bongz - Ofana Nawe

Three words: Gwara Gwara dance. Enough said.

What songs do you hope to hear?

Get your tickets to the Mother of All Parties, this Saturday 02 July in Durban at the Kings Park Stadium.

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