5 Reasons to watch My Botswana Top 5

22 May 2023
Join Mdu Tha Party on Channel O’s latest music video countdown show.
My Botswana Top 5

Mark your calendars as Channel O takes you on a musical journey on Wednesdays at 22:00 with My Botswana Top 5.

Hosted by the dynamic Mduduzi “Mdu Tha Party” Madzwamuse, My Botswana Top 5 will do more than bring you the best hit tracks and interview artists, he will also let you in on Botswana’s best locations.

Each week, viewers will explore different places and meet the locals that share stories about what it truly means to be a Motswana from Botswana.

Subhead: Why you should watch My Botswana top 5

  • My Botswana Top 5 brings together the best local musicians, showcasing their talent.
  • The music video countdown show celebrates the vibrant music scene of Botswana.
  • Explore a diverse range of musical styles.
  • Experience Botswana like never before. Discover hidden gems, breathtaking landscapes, and meet the locals who proudly share the stories and rich traditions of Botswana.

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