5 fav hip hop love songs

24 January 2017
Sometimes you just need a lil gangsta lovin'
Genres generally don't come harder than hip hop but every now and them even the most gritty rappers show their softer side with some truly touching love ballads. Whether it's 50 Cent questioning his love's loyalty or Mzambiya professing his unwavering affection with that effortless kasi swag, there's at least one hip hop love song we've had on repeat while we were seriously down for our boos.

That's why this week we put together some of the dopest tracks for those who feel like getting in touch with their romantic side ahead of Valentines month. Check them out below

50 Cent - 21 Questions

'Coz sometimes you just need to know if they're really down to ride or die.

Common - Come Close

Who can resist that woke loving though?

K.O. - Skhanda Love

Nothing brings ya'll closer than having to hustle for that rent money!

Beyonce & Jay Z - Bonnie & Clyde

Nothing like a little law breaking to add spice to your relationship.

Mzambiya - Love & Kwaito ft. Percy

How old was Percy when he gave us these amazing vocals? Can anyone say BEST SONG EVER!

Plus two classic bonus tracks:

Ja Rule - Put It Down

Ja had bars but can we take a moment to appreciate that Vita verse though?

Riky Rick - Sondela ft. Zano

The man has his family values in order.

Now call your boo and tell them how much you love them!