Why 2017 is DJ Caiiro's year

13 January 2017
Something tells us Caiiro is going to be huge this year!
It's no secret that Black Coffee only incorporates the best selection of songs into his mixes. So it's no wonder that when he casually mixed in the pulsating drums and orchestral stabs of Caiiro's runway smash, "Fefe", we should have been well aware that a new house star was on the horizon.

For house heads the name and beat are familiar, in fact praised in some circles, yet Caiiro's breakaway success in 2016 seems to only just be the start of great things to come as his music becomes increasingly recognisable in the mainstream circuit. His fresh and unashamedly afro-infused beats have become mainstays in sets across the continent and beyond.

Everything tells us 2017 is DJ Caiiro's year and if you're still not convinced, here are some of his finest tracks to get you more lit than Guy Fawkes Day!

Music Is The Answer Remix

Dark Doo Wap Bootleg

and of course, Fefe

Now we just have to wait for the Fefe music video!