Channel Changes

SuperSport launches new channel line-up to give your favourite sport a dedicated home of its own

04 August 2020
Easier navigation, better viewing experience.

This thinking has driven SuperSport's decision to drop the numbering system it has used for its channels for more than two decades, replacing them with a thematic offering around individual sports to ensure it is easier for viewers to find their favourite sports.

From September 1, SuperSport viewers on DStv will be able to enjoy special dedicated channels for leagues and sports, among them the PSL, the Premier League, La Liga, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, motorsport and several others, which will now have a home to call their own.

Not just live sport will be housed in these channels: supplementary programming such as magazine shows and highlights will add to the overall package.

New to DStv subscribers across the continent will be the launch of the SuperSport Grandstand channel, immediately after Blitz at the front of the line-up. This flagship channel will host the best of any live curated sport available to Premium customers at any one time, including soccer, rugby, cricket, golf and tennis.

There will be multiple themed channels, including a "Variety" channel offering. Beyond this, DStv’s new sport line-up includes ESPN and ESPN 2, on channels 218 and 219.

"This is a landmark decision in SuperSport's history and one we’re convinced will add a fresh and invigorating dimension to our broadcasts," said Gideon Khobane, chief executive of SuperSport.

“The changes will mean that additional SuperSport channels of local and international sporting content will be added to the DStv package. Genre channelling will no doubt increase awareness of a broader range of content, which may have always been on the platform, but wasn’t necessarily easy to discover. This signals a radical change designed to make content discovery more seamless.”

SuperSport broadcasts more live sport than any other broadcaster internationally and as much as these options are incredibly valuable to fans, the depth and breadth of content can make it difficult to find what they’re looking for. Exhaustive market research has shown that fans would prefer to enjoy the sport of their choice on a dedicated, named channel.

For more details about the new SuperSport channel line-up, and where to find your favourite sport, visit

Download the latest channel line-up here.

SuperSport - Thematic Channels FAQs Update

What exactly will I see when I tune into SuperSport come September 1?

Since the channels are being reconfigured to accommodate the new experience, initially a notice advising that the channel is under construction will be aired. This will be followed by another notice confirming the channel (eg. 211 – The Home of SuperSport Rugby, etc). Normal programming will resume by midday on September 1.

(The reconfiguration is a massive task that includes channel numbers moving, audio options being adjusted, programme guides shifting to reflect the correct programming information, etc. The move to thematic channels is intended to enhance the viewer experience while ensuring that SuperSport’s high technical standards are maintained).

I've heard that SuperSport will be off air for some time - is this correct?

Yes, the configuration process is intended to start by 11pm on August 31 but will not affect any channels carrying live events. These channels will only be reconfigured upon conclusion of the live broadcast.

At 11pm those channels that are not carrying live events will switch to a notice advising that the channels are under construction.

SuperSport programming will resume by midday on September 1.

What about live WWE - how will I be able to watch?

RAW, which goes out live on a Tuesday morning, will be available on the WWE channel 128.

Is any other live sport affected during this time?

US Open tennis (if it goes ahead).

Caribbean Premier League cricket.

Do I have to adjust any settings on my decoder or television to receive the thematic channels?

Subscribers must go to All Channels to pick up the changes. If the services are not visible under All Channels after midday on September 1, 2020, subscriber will need to reboot/rescan.

After reboot/rescan, go to All Channels to pick up changes.