Live show 9, 22 March: Ebubu will be here until the finale! – BBTitans

12 March 2023
Much to everyone’s surprise, Ipeleng didn’t choose her former partner to go with her to the final.
A shot of Ebubu.

Tonight’s live show started with a big question: what was written in the envelope? At the beginning of the week, Ipeleng won the Head of House challenge and, with it, the Supreme Veto Power. She was also handed an envelope and told to keep it safe. That’s the envelope that was read aloud tonight, and it instructed Ipeleng to pick a housemate to fast track to the finals.

Of course, this was always a possibility. Some housemates (and viewers) speculated that she might have the power to evict somebody, but most thought it might be something like this, because evictions have always been decided by audience vote. It is called the Supreme Veto Power, after all, not the Supreme Eviction Power.

However, this begged the question: who would she pick? She’s recently become quite cosy with Miracle OP, but even he didn’t think she would pick him. During a diary session earlier this week, he thought she would pick somebody that she didn’t see as a threat. This implies that Miracle OP believes Ipeleng sees him as a threat, which is not exactly in evidence.

Of course, Ipeleng is not known for being particularly bitter toward anyone: she’s not been involved in any spectacular fights, nor harboured any ill will toward any of the other housemates, so it was slightly difficult to eliminate anybody from the running.

There is one person for whom she seems to have a certain loyalty – her former Blaqleng partner, Blaqboi. After winning HoH, she wasted exactly no time naming him as her DHoH, so the smart money would have been on him.

As it turns out, however, it wouldn’t have been that smart, after all. She picked Ebubu in a move that shocked everyone – nobody more so than Ebubu, himself. It took some time for the message to sink in, but it eventually did, no doubt helped by the endless hugs he was getting.

So that’s it. We know two of the finalists for the first season of Big Brother Titans. Some people believe this season has been one for the underdogs. We’re not sure we would go that far, but we will admit to being very surprised.

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