Live show 2, 22 Jan: The housemates get a reprieve – BBTitans

22 January 2023
Ebuka and Lawrence were happy to throw some stress the housemates’ way, but it was all fine in the end.
A photo of Justin hugging Juicy Jay.

The housemates have survived their first week in the Big Brother Titans house, but it was not without a little bit of stress. While everyone at home knew that the nominations on Monday weren’t going to have any bearing on the game, the housemates could only – at best – suspect it. When they were told during tonight’s live show that nine of them had been nominated and that one might be going home, none of them could have been particularly confident about their chances.

As for the show itself, it was a pretty solid recap of the week: the first pool party, the Head of House games, the surprise housemates. But you’ve already seen all that. What was most interesting about the show was the presenters’ interaction with the housemates.

Because they entered the house during the week, the new housemates had not had a formal introduction like the rest, so tonight was the night for that, but by far the most entertaining moments of the night were those when Lawrence and Ebuka probed the housemates for some inside details, but he first had to take them to task for their dismal performance during the wager task presentation on Thursday night. "Let's just file that away with 'things that didn't happen,'" was his closing remark.

He also asked Mmeli how he feels about being the first Head of House, and received a fairly thoughtful response. "I feel bad because I'm becoming a blueprint. Certain people have to learn from my mistakes, and I just hope they do better and that I learn from them." That's a pretty good attitude to have.

When he asked Justin why he'd been so quiet, he responded that he's one who likes to stand back and observe. Ebuka, true to form, quipped, "I don't know if 'standing back and observing' works on a show like this, but good luck."

He also targeted Jenni O's adoption of the kitchen as her home, and her response betrayed a certain amount of strategy. "I just love cooking. Once you feed people, they're happy. The kitchen is also where you hear everything. I like to hear things." Somebody's playing the game, for sure!

Perhaps not quite as much as Yvonne, though. "This is a game," she declared. "I'm not here to make friends." This prompted something of a rebuke from Ebuka, directed at the house in general. "Be careful how you address your fellow housemates," he said, going on to advise them to make the most of their time together, to learn from each other, to take wisdom from each other's cultures. "Believe me, it will be worth it."

Eventually – and by “eventually” we mean right at the very end of the show – the nine “nominated” housemates were put out of their misery and told they would all be in the house for at least another week. However, the audience was told about an upcoming twist that would affect gameplay, nominations, and relationships in the house. Unfortunately, we were given no more than that. Fortunately, though, we know exactly what to do to find out what it is: tune in to the 24/7 show on channel 198 on DStv and 29 on GOtv.

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