Live show 12, 2 April: Big Brother's farewell to the housemates – BBTitans

02 April 2023
During the grand finale, BIg Brother shared some words of farewell with the housemates.
A collage of the finalists' faces.

Everybody hates saying goodbye, but sometimes it's unavoidable, and the grand finale of the inaugural season of Big Brother Titans is one of those times. Stepping up to challenge, Biggie delivered a farewell speech tailored to the six finalists that cited each of their qualities that we have come to know so well. If you missed it – or simply want to catch it again – here it is:

"To gaze upon you is to believe that perfection exists. You look impeccable tonight.

"Housemates, there is a story of a song that is played across the continent.
It is said that when the song is played it can be heard by all. The instruments on the song are celestial.

"It is a song of celebration, played only when a titan is born.

The first of his clan
The natural born pace-setter.
The shirtless party dancer.
You are the true definition of being bold. Big Brother celebrates you.

There were rumours that the goddess of beauty was blessed with a daughter... but who knew that the same daughter would have so much wisdom and so many layers?
And you only grow better with each new dawn.
Big Brother celebrates you.

Stories have been told of the legendary Dahomey warriors.
Women of great valour that they became known as kings.
The young ones do not need to look to the history books for courage. King Khosi, you have shown that no challenge is insurmountable.
Big Brother celebrates you.

They say great things come in little packages.
If dynamite were a person, it would be you.
Explosive and smart, always planning two steps ahead of the fold.
Just when the world thinks they’ve seen all you have to offer... there will always be more.
Big Brother celebrates you

"Kanaga Jnr,
The man of great speeches.
The embodiment of creativity.
No one can set the dance floor on fire the way you do... Well, no one except maybe Ebuka.
You took the house tasks and turned it all into a showcase of art.
Big Brother celebrates you.

The adventurer with the biggest smile.
The iron lady with a soft heart.
From, “I’m not here to make friends” to building some of the deepest bonds
And maybe, just maybe finding love...
Big Brother celebrates you.

"Housemates, there is a song that is played across the continent.
It is a song that has not been played in a while.
It is a song with unusual instruments, played into the hearts and souls of the people.
It is a song played when a great king or queen is born.
It is a song of Titans.

"Tonight, all across the continent,
From the Nile to the Niger,
From Zambezi to Limpopo,
In the hearts and souls of the people this song shall be played in your honour.

"Your 78 days in Big Brother’s house are over. It is time for you to go forth.

"May your strides shake the foundation of the continent. Millions will listen when you speak,
The continent, the world awaits your arrival.

"As Big Brother bids you farewell know this for certain, Big Brother is always watching!"

Not a dry eye in the Big Brother House.

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