Day 73: Kanaga Jnr bummed by task loss – BBTitans

29 March 2023
He aims to win and his group's loss weighed heavy on his shoulders.
A male Big Brother Titans housemate

Following Khosi, Ebubu, and Tsatsii's group win in tonight's Desperados task, Kanaga Jnr fell into a reflective mood, primarily because he was unable to finish the fourth challenge in time, leading to his opponents' win.

Kanaga Jnr said he felt he was at fault and had let his team down. He always tries to win tasks, so he feels disappointed when he doesn't. He expressed himself in a chat with a member of his team, Yvonne, and apologised to her and Ebubu, who felt it was not a big deal.

Yvonne told Kanaga Jnr to try not to play games with his heart but to enjoy them, as you can't always win everything. 

Watch the housemates analyse group tasks

Kanaga Jnr attempted to cheer up, but the whole house could feel his mood, leading to Khosi, Tsatsii, Ipeleng, and Ebubu to talk about their past group partnerships and how they navigated their issues.

Head of House Khosi also began to recount the task and pondered her team's performance due to side remarks from housemates, opening up to Tsatsii about her feelings. She did not want to have any issues because of a task win. Tsatsii offered her two cents and affirmed her by saying they "won fair and square," so there was no need to feel down; instead, they should reel in their win.

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