Day 71: Khosi and Ipeleng are the final Heads of House – BBTitans

27 March 2023
There was a tie.
Big Brother Titans Heads of House

The Final Big Brother Titans Head of House challenge took a different turn; while we all expected only one finalist to sit on the throne, the season of pairings gave us a tie, and Biggie crowned Khosi and Ipeleng as the Heads of House. 

As a reward, they will both enjoy the Head of House lounge. Additionally, this week, we will have no Tails of House. 

Watch the housemates compete for the HoH crown

The challenge had five rounds, each with a set of cards with instructions. Rounds one and two required the housemates to make different animal sounds, playing each round in alphabetical order based on their first and last names. The third round brought a unique twist and more fun to the hilarious game as Biggie changed the playing order to the reverse of round one.

The final round, which brought about Khosi and Ipeleng's victory, required the housemates to pay attention to their surroundings. Each finalist had one minute to guess the number of eggs in the Arena and write it on a clipboard. They could only write one number, and the housemate with the closest guess won the challenge. 

Khosi and Ipeleng wrote eleven eggs, thus earning themselves the spot as this week's Heads of House. 

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