Day 69: Khobang’s shakey ship — BBTitans

25 March 2023
They make up only to break up again.
man and lady in bed

Dubbed as Khobang, the two are either playing with our minds or they’re clearly playing the game well.

Over the past few days, the two have been getting close, even though they seem to be keeping it low-key even after the few stolen kisses which have ended up with PDA.

Khosi has a man outside of the house and has been with evicted housemate Yemi. After Yemi left she grew closer to Thabang, however last night the ‘lovebirds’ decided to go their separate ways after Khosi has been showing signs of indecisiveness on who she really wants to be with.

After their 2-minute break-up yesterday, the two woke up in high spirits this morning. A couple of smooches and cuddles were up for breakfast for the pair. Thabang even prepared breakfast which they both enjoyed in bed – there’s no love lost there.

Here’s what the socials had to say;

Do you think this ship is sailing or it's all in the game?

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