Day 68: What would you do for money? – BBTitans

24 March 2023
Big Brother Titans fans tell us how they plan on securing the bag.
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Everyone has a limit on what they would do to make money, but what exactly is that limit? We asked y’all on socials about how far you would go to make money and we realised that the Big Brother fam is all about securing their bag with business and investments. Here are a few things y’all said.

The business gurus

Many of the responses we got were of y’all saying business and investments were the way to go in making that extra cash. Check out some of the responses from socials below.


Zanele Nkosi via Facebook said:

I will secure the money by investing,buy properties and shares in one of the biggest companies.

Leungo Ipeleng Gwafila via Facebook said: 

Honestly start my own business.. It might be easy but giving it a chance to build up a startup is worth something

Some of you went into the details of the exact things you would do and we are here for it.

Ñtômbï Mçphlŷ Mâsëkô from Facebook said

I will secure the bag by recording my expenses, including saving in my budget, finding ways to cut overspending such as girls night out, over shopping unnecessarily, entertainment, alcohol as it’s very expensive. Set saving goals-short term & long term. A saving account for a fixed period of time(36 months or more for a happy amount 😅☺️)because money makes the world go round and kids future and expenses depend on it.

Zanele Nyembezi said:

I’d personally start by launching a YouTube channel, sell my old textbooks, teach English in primary schools and drive Uber for “only women” on my free time coz people mostly feel safe around woman’s. Then I’ll invest my profits.


Then there was this person who would be a lion.🤣


It's good to have that extra cash in the bag but make sure whatever you do is legal. See you at the top.😜

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