Day 67: Who is your Big Brother doppelganger? – BBTitans

23 March 2023
The housemates had to choose a Big Brother Naija or Mzansi housemate with similar attributes.
Big Brother housemates

Every Big Brother season, we meet diverse housemates with unique and strong personalities. While different, they still find at least one housemate they can relate to. We sat down with the Big Brother Titans housemates and asked them to look back and choose a housemate from Naija or Mzansi that are most like themselves; here's what they had to say: 

Ipeleng sees herself in Nale, a Big Brother Mzansi season three housemate who describes herself as calm and zen, an attribute we can all agree we see in Ipeleng. 

For Justin, Big Brother Naija housemate, Cross is someone he can relate to. While they are both known for being calm and pleasant, Justin and Cross are opposites regarding love; Cross explored ships while Justin wants to be alone.

The creative Blaqboi believes Big Brother Naija housemates Bryann and Kiddwaya are just like him. He chose Bryann because they both have a natural flare for content creation and are good at producing great ideas for wager tasks. 

Khosi relates to Pepper Dem housemate Mercy and Big Brother Mzansi housemate Yoli. One thing about all three is that they are all outgoing and fun.

Dancing Queen Yvonne believes that she is most like Big Brother Naija housemates, Tacha and Hermes.

Kanaga Jnr
What's a Saturday night party without Kanaga Jnr? His chosen Big Brother Naija doppelganger, Neo, is just like him; they are so energetic during parties in the house.

Thabang sees himself in Big Brother Mzansi housemate, Zino. They are both young and have so much love for their mothers. 

Head of House, Tsatsii, is dynamic, and she sees herself in housemates from both Naija and Mzansi, namely Nale, Venus, Bella, and Thato.

The soft-spoken and ever-lively Ebubu says he relates to Big Brother Naija season five winner, Laycon. No one saw Laycon coming, and Ebubu shares a similar story as all Big Brother Titans housemates were shocked when Ipeleng gave him a pass to the finale.

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