Day 67: Housemates lose out on the shmoney — BBTitans

23 March 2023
Another one bites the dust!
girls and boys

A heavy week: from nominations and punishments to housemates with low energy, preparing for this wager was a bit rough.

But a new week also comes with opportunities alongside challenges. The housemates received another wager task brief on Monday on which they confidently staked 100% of their BB tokens. A move that unfortunately cost them in the end 😢

The theme this week was “Money, money, money” and the instruction was to showcase a giant board game centered on how the Gen Z-ers are gathering wealth – and what they are spending money on.

The housemates may hve thought that they gave it their all during their final wager presentation, but for Biggie it was a different story: he was unimpressed. Not even small brother Thabang could save the day.

According to Biggie, the performance was “low-hanging fruit – unoriginal.". They got Gen Z’s era wrong and failied to explain how Gen Z spend, and maintain spending.

The mood clearly took its toll on the housemates – the Thursday night pool party was NOT a vibe. These now-celebs should prepare themselves for more nights of noodles for supper, soz.

Here’s what the socials had to say:

Hopefully, the housemates can recover from the bleak week and give it their all next time.

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