Day 66: 'May the best man win.' – BBTitans

22 March 2023
It's Khosi's world, and all the men in her life must work to live in it.
Big Brother Titans housemates

Khosi and Thabang have been cordial since the beginning of the season, but their friendship bloomed romantically on day 60 when they kissed. Since then, Thabang has been more vulnerable and even bared it all while he was on the coffee with Khosi podcast. He spoke about his family, his relationship with Nelisa when she was still in the house.

Once the podcast ended, Thabang opened the door for a deeper conversation with Khosi as they prepared for their wager task presentation. He asked her how well she knew him, and Khosi said she felt like she already knew him, but she was open to the fact that things might not be the same once they got outside. Thabang told her he wouldn't be the same person once they left, and she needed to get to know him again. 

Thabang then questioned Khosi about her relationship plans and what she intends to do now that her  new dynamic. "The only thing I am prioritizing is securing my bag," replied Khosi; she further added that although she liked Thabang, Yemi Cregx, and her mystery man outside the house, she doesn't have control over them and has other pressing matters to focus on so whoever amongst them who wants her will have to work and earn his spot.

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