Day 65: Housemates feeling nomination fatigue – BBTitans

21 March 2023
The HoH challenge and nomination session made for another emotionally exhausting evening.
black couple in bed

It was an emotional evening for nominated housemate Khosi. After Tsatsii was named Head of House, Khosi seemed very disappointed in herself. Immediately after the challenge, she crawled into bed and Thabang followed her. They spoke about how disappointed they were about the results of the HoH challenge.

During her nomination session, Khosi became very emotional when she spoke to Biggie. After the session, she cried on Blaqboi’s shoulder. Perhaps having been up for nomination nine times is taking its toll on her.

While not quite as emotional, other housemates were also feeling the strain of the nomination process as they struggled to decide who to nominate. Being tough competition was a popular reason – as it always will be – but others chose to put up housemates either because they had not been up for a long time, namely Justin, or because they tried to nominate people they had not nominated before, which is was Justin himself did.

This nomination thing doesn’t get any easier, especially the more time the housemates spend together and get to know one another even more. But someone needs to take home that grand prize. Who will it be?

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