Day 61: The housemates are thirsty – BBTitans

17 March 2023
Nine weeks without the deed has got the better of the housemates.
ebubu on coach

Sexual frustration is looming all over the Big Brother house. The housemates had a sex pep talk today during which they expressed their sexual frustration since being incarcerated. Although we have seen ships doing the rounds in the house, the housemates claim that it's all ended in nothing more than a few smooches and cuddles. The housemates went on to wish they had brought their sex toys into the house. During the conversation, Ebubu went so far as to demonstrate some sexual positions to share with the housemates. “We all have weapons of mass destruction,” he emphasised.

Miracle OP also gave some advice to the gents on how to get the deed done. Tsatsii decided to host a sex party where the housemates will share their desires, stories, and experiences. The housemates were excited about the suggestions and asked if they could demonstrate some moves. 

This is what the socials had to say;

Let’s see how the sex party plays out.

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