Day 61: Are we finally setting sail? – BBTitans

17 March 2023
Jeez, Thabang and Khosi: can we finally get you out of the port?!
Khobang kiss

Khobang. A mere two months of back and forth. And finally, a kiss. Maybe even two! 💋

They’re the likeliest couple in the house, but the littlest ship that couldn’t, apparently. But is this changing? Did Thabang’s new Sonic the Hedgehog haircut change the game this afternoon?

Let’s get a few things straight, for context. Khosi makes no secret of the fact that she has a significant other outside of the house. And recently we discovered the same about Thabang. 😳 So, we have some solid foundations here (a mountain of money is a massive distraction, no doubt).

Khosi was the first on the show to be kissed: Yoruba Titan Yemi Creg.x barely made the week. Impressively, Khosi seems to have managed to keep her dirty laundry in the laundry area!

We won’t go into the ups and downs of Khosi and Yemi’s relationship too much but wow: it was an entire emotional climate in an afternoon.

First there was the arrival of firebrand Blue Aiva, and Yemi’s late night/early morning kisses. Khosi no doubt knew, but had no time for feeling Blue.

And it wasn’t plain sailing for Thabang either: He and Nelisa struck up a rather loose bond until her eviction, but his cosiness with Khosi was already well evident, and it was shockingly highlighted by Ebuka in a fire live show.

We’d be here for days trying to decipher the Miracle OP/Khosi situation, but we’re gonna give him the benefit of the doubt: he was playing protector – fortunately, Miracle was close enough to Khosi in their pair to notice that she wasn’t being treated right.

But, some caveats RE the newly-formed Khobang-land. Thabang would be stupid not to realise that this is smart strategy: Khosi is incredibly popular (would she wipe him though?) and impossibly hot. Khosi needs to step back a sec: maybe because it’s taken so long she was very giddily-affected (then again, Thabang… 😍)

Both need to keep their eye on the prize though: two weeks to go, fam …

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