Day 57: Blaqboi wins Head of House — BBTitans

13 March 2023
That man can shuffle some cups!

Blaqboi has his focus, eye coordination, and steadiness to thank for his exceptional performance in tonight’s Head of House challenge.

To win, each housemate needed to shuffle through a stack of cups until a black cup was at the bottom of the stack. The challenge was timed with a maximum time allocation of four minutes per housemate.

By winning, Blaqboi has unlocked several benefits. Along with the highly sought-after immunity from the nomination process, Blaqboi can also look forward to a lush week in the Head of House lounge, where Biggie’s spoils will flow. He chose Blue Aiva to be his partner in that process.

He will not, however, get the veto-save privilege for tonight’s nominations. That means that all the nominated housemates will have no way to duck the possibility of eviction.

What’s more, the nominated housemates will be going up as individuals for the first time this season, making Blaqboi’s win all the more important for his game in the house.

The nominations 

Blue Aiva, Kanaga Jnr, Khosi, Miracle OP, Nana, Thabang, Tsatsii and Yvonne have been nominated for possible eviction. Since Blaqboi's HoH title didn't come with a veto save privilege, the nomination housemates will face possible eviction. To save your fave, vote now here

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