Day 55: Ipeleng quizzes Miracle OP about Khoyemi – BBTitans

11 March 2023
It’s therapy candles and tea sipping for Ipeleng.
Ipeleng and Miracle OP in the garden

Today in the garden, Head of House Ipeleng had a mock therapy session with Miracle OP in which she asked him questions about his time in the house and his debacle with Khoyemi. Just before starting her session, she told him she wanted to be a therapist to her fellow housemates. 

What better way to start than with the man who’s crushing on you?👀

Miracle OP was okay with Ipeleng’s request and indulged her as she questioned him about his time in the house. Her questions focused on two main topics: Miracle OP’s controversial nature in the house and the issues he kept having with the Khoyemi couple.

Controversial Miracle OP

Ipeleng started her session by asking Miracle OP if he had any strategy for coming into the house. As expected, he denied this, saying he came intending to be his genuine self even though the other housemates did not believe him. However, he had an aim: to have fun and show his energy. He said he was okay with how people interpreted his nature because, with time, people would see his true personality. 

Khoyemi debacle

On the issue of Khosi and Yemi Cregx, Miracle OP said he didn’t intentionally try to break up their ship and only went after Khosi because he thought Yemi Cregx and Khosi had separated when he came into the house.

He also realised that Khosi was playing with his emotions when she failed to decide between himself and Yemi Cregx. Going further, Ipeleng asked Miracle OP if he regretted some of his actions when he had issues with the Khoyemi ship. He spoke about shedding tears in the bathroom after he argued with Yemi Cregx at the truth or dare game earlier in the season. 

Miracle OP really went all in as he also revealed to Ipeleng that he was done with Khosi because he was hurt that she chose Yemi Cregx over him and wouldn’t want to have anything with anyone who doesn’t consider human emotions when strategising.

Ipeleng quizzes Miracle OP

The session was quite revealing, and it’s safe to say Ipeleng may have used the opportunity to find out if she can fully trust Miracle OP’s call for a ship.

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