Day 54: Blue Aiva wins arena games – BBTitans

10 March 2023
The music madness continued tonight with Blue Aiva following the disco beat to victory.
Blue Aiva in the arena

Blue Aiva has finally registered her name on the winner's board of the arena games! She emerged as the housemate with the fastest time in a challenge named “Disco Beats”. 

In the spirit of the theme of the week, “music madness”, the games were filled with all sorts of pleasant sounding wonder. The challenge started with Blaqboi, Blue Avia, Ebubu, Khosi, Miracle OP, Tsatsii, and Yvonne being challenged by Biggie to register their name on the winning board. 

After walking the course to get familiar with the obstacles, the game started, with each housemate going through four stages of challenges with three minutes awarded to them.

The first challenge, called Sink The Groovy Ball, involved the housemates rolling a ball into any three holes available on a table - harder than it sounds! The ball had to sit and rest in one of the holes before the housemates could move onto another challeng: Play The Record. For this, each housemate had to roll a single vinyl record across a red line marking the end of the track.

After completing the first two challenges, a third called Spin the Music awaited. Here was a coloured musical wheel divided into segments having a unique colour and number of musical notes. Housemates were instructed to spin the wheel, count the number of notes achieved, then play the same number of notes on their chosen instrument. 

The final challenge was called Scoop the Balls. For this, the housemates were provided with two balls and an ice scooper. The challenge here was to use the ice scooper to move the two balls from point A to point B. Once done with all four challenges, the housemates ran to the finish spot.

The games kicked off with Head of House Ipeleng and ended with Kanaga Jnr. The housemate with the fastest time, however, was Blue Aiva. This meant she finally got a spot on the winners' board and earned a cool USD $1000.

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