Day 51: It ended in tears for the pairs — BBTitans

07 March 2023
Tears flowed as the housemates attended their final diary sessions as pairs.

Monday night marked a major switch of gears in Biggie's house. First, Ipeleng became the first housemate to reserve her place in the Big Brother Titans finale after she won the veto power gameplay and was crowned the ultimate veto power holder.

But before that, Biggie had just announced that, after eight weeks of navigating the house in pairs, the housemates would officially be going solo! 

The news come just a day after Sunday's double eviction, which saw the pairs Juiovla and Yelisa bite the dust in a shocking turn of events. From now on, nominated housemates will be facing the threat of eviction by themselves. 

In place of Monday night nominations, Biggie asked the housemates to reflect on their journeys as partners. Not a single eye remained dry!

Juvone went in first. Yvonne was touched by how much Justin had become someone she could lean on: he complemented her – in the areas where she was lacking, he always filled the gaps. Moved by her beautiful tribute, the teary Justin shared how she had become a real partner to him. He also recalled how Juvone always rose to the occasion, despite being underestimated by fellow housemates. 

Despite being tested to the limits last week, when Biggie punished them for breaking the rules, Royals seemed to resist being wrecked. Ebubu alluded to this fact and shared how, in a partnership, the highs are as important as the lows. "If you win, it’s with your partner. If you lose, you lose with your partner. If you make a mistake, it’s with your partner." 

Constant squabbles were a consistent dynamic in Khosi and Miracle OP's partnership. But, while they fight like dogs and cats, it's all done in the spirit of love. The Khosicle members celebrated each other's strengths and spoke emotionally about the love they have for each other. Miracle OP gushed about his deep love for Khosi, and she shared how being his partner has prepared her for marriage. 

He may have grown up as an only child, but his partnership with Nana has taught Thabang a sense of community. He talked about his separation anxiety. It will be difficult for him to let go of Thabana, but he is looking forward to what the new era brings. Nana talked about how Thabang had become the safest person to whom to run in the house. 

Blue Aiva and Kanaga Jnr's Kaniva are not known as the in-house operators for no reason. Having tackled many challenges, winning together had become an important characteristic of their partnership. Now that the pairing is over, the two talked about their future as real-life friends after the show. 

The sessions wrapped up with Blaqleng. Now that Ipeleng is the ultimate veto power holder, she will not be worrying about the possibility of eviction. Even so, she reminded Blaqboi how far he had come in the house. She encouraged him to prioritize himself and make moves that benefit his solo game. Blaqboi, on the other hand, reminded Ipeleng that she is far more than she thinks. 

It was an emotional night. It was also one that changed the game. 

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