Day 49: Nana disrupts the Blueblaq ship – BBTitans

05 March 2023
While Nana has decided to back off Blaqboi, she still unknowingly causes a stir in his situationship with Blue Aiva.
A male and female Big Brother Titans housemate on a bed

The Saturday night party put all the housemates in high spirits. After dancing their hearts out to DJ Toy, Blaqboi and Blue Aiva had an argument about Yemi Cregx and Nana.

Their conversation started with some flirting, and Blue Aiva asking Blaqboi to stare at her and compliment her party outfit. Then at bedtime, the arguing began. Blue Aiva said she was tired of repeatedly discussing the same thing. She also couldn't understand why Blaq's interactions with Nana are more frequent since he claims to want her.

Blue Aiva saw him chatting with her, and noted that Blaqboi does not know what he wants. He said he always wanted to be with her, but she was unconvinced. Blaqboi then asked if she wanted him to stop talking to Nana, a question Blue Aiva refused to respond to as she believes he is an adult and should make his own decisions.

She also warned Blaqboi about acting without regard for her feelings because two can play that game, and if she decides to do the same thing, he won't like it. Blaqboi then said that his conversation with Nana was innocent and only happened because he saw Blue Aiva talking to Yemi Cregx

Blue Aiva ended their conversation by telling Blaqboi to do what makes him happy; however, they both did not know that Nana heard the whole chat and was livid. She confronted Blaqboi this morning, calling them fake for acting like her friend and saying she didn't want to be a part of their shenanigans. 

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