Day 44: Housemates speak about nominations – BBTitans

28 February 2023
Last night's nomination show had a shocking twist, and the Big Brother Titans housemates spilled all the tea during their diary sessions today.
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For the first time this season, the Heads of House, Royals, lost their immunity and veto power privilege, and Biggie's punishment: putting them up for nominations, left social media buzzing. It also left the nominated housemates quaking in their boots.

During their diary session today with Biggie, they discussed the Royals' loss, who they nominated, their painting ad hoc task, which pair they think will leave the house, and the Tails of House, Juiovla's free massage sessions. 

Watch the nominated housemates speak about The Royals' punishment

When asked about his thought's on the Heads of House also being on the nominations list, Kanaga Jnr said, "I feel bad that they are the Heads of House for the week and they have lost the privileges." He added that Tsatsii was under pressure and he regretted not cautioning her. 

Blue Aiva and Yemi Cregx share similar views as they believe it was a slip of the tongue and she was under the kosh. Yvonne and Khosi deeply sympathised with the pair and thought their punishment showed the importance of following Big Brother's rules.

Although most of the nominated housemates feel bad for the Royals, interestingly Nelisa, Blue Aiva, Khosi, Yemi Cregx, and Miracle OP could not help but mention their names when Biggie asked who they think is going home. Miracle OP said that although they seemed to have good luck, he has a bad feeling they will be leaving the house. Do you agree?

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