Day 42: Not another Khoyemi fight – BBTitans

26 February 2023
This time, Blue Aiva's compliment to Yemi Cregx made Khosi demand an open relationship.
Big Brother Titans housemates

For the Big Brother Titans housemates, it is routine for emotions to run high after the Saturday night party. Ipeleng exclaimed that the party was "too good to be true." From that moment, chaos ensued. Yemi Cregx and his beau, Khosi, sat down in the garden to air their grievances; Khosi was thrown off by Yemi Cregx receiving a compliment from Blue Aiva.

She told him he looked nice and he returned the favour; the duo exchanged heated words and still could not reach an agreement, then Khosi said, "If you want to be in an open relationship, just say it!" A shocked Yemi Cregx responded by telling her to do whatever she wanted and repeated that "If you want out, just say it."

Khosi was beating around the bush when Yemi Cregx dropped that bomb; he accused her of pushing him to Blue Aiva and wanting an open relationship because she wanted to be with Thabang. Khosi tried to defend herself but was not having it.

Yemi Cregx ushers in Blue Aiva and Thabang

In the heat of the moment, Yemi Cregx called Blue Aiva and Thabang to join the conversation. Awkward, we know! 👀

He asked Blue Aiva to confirm if he had ended things with her and if anything had happened between them in the last two weeks; Blue Aiva said it did but eventually walked off and said, "You guys clearly have past issues." Obviously she did not want to get involved with their issues; Thabang sat back and listened to Yemi Cregx's rant about his fling with Blue Aiva, Khosi, and her sudden want for an open relationship. 

The conversation went on and on with no resolution. However, what do you guys think? Is this the end, or will Khoyemi break up to make up as always?

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