Day 40: Juvone, Khosicle, and Thabana get punished – BBTitans

24 February 2023
They must face the music as they broke Biggie's rules during the great divide.
Male and female Big Brother Titans housemates

During the great divide, the Big Brother Titans housemates had to abide by a list of rules. While most housemates complied, Juvone, Khosicle, and Thabana defaulted, thus resulting in them receiving a read that contained their punishment. 

For their punishment, Big Brother asked the pairs to write a letter of apology on the provided supplies; they received a pack containing 500 sheets of paper for each housemate, a container with 3000 envelopes, and six big buckets.

Each housemate except Thabang and Nana has to write the following on one line on each sheet of paper; "I will never disobey Big Brother's rules again." While Thabana's punishment was similar, they had to write the sentence 16 times on each piece of paper. 

Once they finish writing, the housemates must fold each piece of paper into an envelope and seal it. They can close it the traditional way by licking and sticking the envelope or get a cup of water, dip their finger in it, and run the liquid along the envelope to stick it. After sealing, they are to place their envelopes in the empty buckets.

Big Brother left the Heads of House, Yelisa, to check on the housemates serving punishment. He also urged the pairs to take their penalties seriously. He also told other housemates not to help or interfere, as if they were found guilty; he would punish them too. 

How well do you think the pairs are taking their punishment?

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