Day 39: Housemates clean up their act — BBTitans

23 February 2023
New Heads of House, Yelisa, keep housemates on their toes.
girl sweeping floor

It’s week 6 in the Big Brother house, and there’s finally been a change in the housemates’ behaviour when it comes to chores.

In the past, housemates have come under fire from Biggie for not adhering to the house rules to the extent where it has cost them winning their wager. With another wager presentation coming up today, the housemates are determined to win, and – ever since being named the new Heads of House – Yelisa have been applying pressure and disciplining the housemates when it comes to chores.

After their gym session this morning, for the first time, the housemates took cleaning to a whole new level. Nelisa walked around the house checking that the housemates had made their beds before giving instructions for the days chores. Yemi, Ebubu, and Blaqboi took it upon themselves to clean the carpets while Khosi went the extra mile and helped her man Yemi sweep the entire house. Miracle OP and Justin teamed up on kitchen duty and cooked for the housemates, and Blue took initiative in cleaning the couches in the garden area.

Not all housemates took part in the cleaning session: Yvonne, Juicy Jay, Ipeleng, Olivia, and Nana slept the morning away along with their breakfast while Thabang and Tsatsii spoke about a possible relationship outside of the house.

Social media streets applauded Yelis for enforcing discpline among housemates. 

The housemates have been preparing for their “Back to School” wager presentation tonight, upon which they wagered 75%. Could all this cleaning be enough to impress Biggie?

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