Day 31: Is Kanaga Jnr ashamed? – BBTitans

15 February 2023
They believe Marvin's compliment to Tsatsii might have triggered Kanaga Jnr.
A female and male housemate in the Big Brother Titans house

While giving his speech at the intimate dinner last night, Marvin gave a shoutout to Kanaga Jnr's beau, Tsatsii; he called her beautiful and said she would be successful. Right after, he expressed his love to Kanaga Jnr and spoke about how hurt he was when Kaniva used their veto power privilege. Khosi watched closely and noticed how Kanaga Jnr's mood changed during the interaction.

In the bedroom, she chatted with Marvin, expressing how awkward Kanaga Jnr must have felt given his history with Marvin. She plans on seeking the opinions of Yemi Cregx and Blaqboi but also thought it might have been even more triggering if Marvin's last words were to Tsatsii. Thankfully he had omitted his partner, Yaya. 

Interestingly, Tsatsii also added Marvin to her speech; she said his work was mind-blowing and hopes to be like him in the future. According to Khosi, Kanaga Jnr had put his head down during her speech, indicating that he might have felt weird. Marvin did not notice this as his primary focus was maintaining eye contact and connecting with Tsatsii. 

Khosi stated that although Kanaga Jnr looked hurt, he is not the kind of person to express it. She said she had noticed Tsatsii teasing other guys and was glad Tsatsii opened the door and poked at Marvin.

They went on to further discuss Yemi Cregx, his triangle with Blue Aiva and Khosi, and the aftermath of Ebuka shaking tables during the live show. 

Do you think Tsatsii and Marvin would make a good couple?

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