Day 27: Juicy Jay vs the Sandtonians – BBTitans

11 February 2023
Sandton we have a problem!
Juicy Jay chatting in the lounge

As he joked with his fellow Sandtonians about being expelled from Sandton, Juicy Jay had a lot to say about their well-kept secrets. 

If you're not familiar with the terms, Alex and Sandton refer to the different interior design aesthetics of Biggie's various rooms. The posh room above the kitchen is referred to as Sandton, and the other room, which is meant to be the "urban area," is referred to as Alex.

Yemi Cregx informed Juicy Jay in the living room that the housemates who had beds in Sandton had decided to eject him because he had spent days in the other room rather than his own bed.

See as dem dey stress man wey go find love.😂

Never one to back down, Juicy Jay quickly responded with disapproval, claiming to know all the members of Sandton's secrets and pledging to air their dirty laundry, particularly Yemi Cregx's. Omo! As soon as Yemi Cregx heard a secret like this, he immediately gave himself sense.😂

Anyway, no secrets were spilt but it was definitely fun seeing the guys from Sandton take playful jabs at each other. 

Alex and Sandton woes

Will Juicy Jay continue his journey to Alex? Of course, he will.😂 

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