Day 23: The housemates receive a warning – BBTitans

07 February 2023
For breaking Big Brother's rules.
Housemates in the Big Brother Titans house

Following their diary sessions, Big Brother called on the housemates to gather in the lounge for a read. Biggie started by asking the Heads of house, the Royals, to describe the house's mood and how well the house has lived with Big Brother's confined rules. 

Ebubu responded by saying they have strayed a few times but strive to follow the rules. After speaking to the HoHs, Big Brother then addressed the pending issues. 

Biggie urged the housemates to follow the house's clear rules, respect one another, not fiddle with or damage Big Brother's property, and ensure they wear their microphones at all times except in the pool, jacuzzi, or when Big Brother tells them otherwise. He also stated that discussions around nominations were not allowed except with your pairing partner.

Before rounding up the read, Biggie addressed one last pending matter; here's what he had to say: 

"Housemates, Big Brother recognises the diversity in the house. With such diversities, Big Brother understands that there are likely to be disagreements and misunderstandings. 

"Misunderstandings that may even lead to confrontations. Big Brother has seen some of these confrontations, from the subtle jabs from Nelisa and Blue Aiva; to the more aggressive confrontations from Khosi, Nana, Miracle OP, and Mmeli

"Some of you have a propensity for issuing threats, Sometimes even in seemingly peaceful atmospheres. Jenni O, You know you are a great example of such unruly behaviour.

"Big Brother wonders if all these acts are designed to gain attention. Well, Mission accomplished because you now have Big Brother's undivided attention. On any other day, most of you would have already been issued strikes or even disqualifications. But Big Brother had a different vision and hope for all of you."

Big Brother stressed the importance of being in unison and hoped their diversity would remind them that they were all more similar than different. 

Before dismissing them, he reinforced that no more bad, unpleasant, and unruly behavior will be allowed, and subsequently, strikes, punishment, and disqualifications will be issued when due.

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