Day 19: Olivia gives Juicy a piece of her mind – BBTitans

03 February 2023
"If I want any man in this house it will take nothing but flirting," says Olivia.
Juicy Jay and Olivia having a chat

Olivia called Juicy Jay aside last night to express her displeasure with his statement about her feelings for Thabang in their diary session. During his response to Biggie's questions, Juicy Jay stated that his partner nominated Thabang because he did not reciprocate her feelings for him. Olivia was not happy with that statement, even though the two laughed it off in the diary room.

Juiovla's diary session

She made it clear to him that she could get any man she wanted in the house, and Thabang was no exception. "I can go lie down there if I want him," she said, referring to Thabang's bed. She went on to say that she didn't "notice him" until their second week in the house. Juicy Jay apologised and stated unequivocally that he meant no harm.

Olivia, on the other hand, made it clear that she did not hold a grudge but wanted to clear the air because she didn't want Thabang to get the wrong idea if he happened to come across the diary session clip after the show ended. 

Olivia appeared to be speaking the truth about not holding a grudge, because after Juicy Jay finished apologising, she quickly switched the conversation to strategy and how the pair will survive next week and the season as a whole.

Olivia queries Juicy Jay

Does this mean we will no longer see episodes of Olivia and Thabang after Saturday night parties? Time will tell.

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