Day 17: Wager rehearsal sprinkled with premium drama – BBTitans

01 February 2023
Wahala on a massive level!
Jenni O angry.

The BBTitans housemates had rehearsals for their wager, and – in true Big Brother fashion – it ended with premium drama.

The housemates are definitely interested in a winning streak as they were quick to put themselves in order and assemble in the kitchen area for their wager presentation rehearsal. The wager involves the housemates coming up with a cohesive, full-course meal that combines the Nigerian and South African cultures. The presentation will be done in the style of a cooking show with hosts to explain the cooking process.

The rehearsal

Miracle OP and Nelisa served as presenters during the rehearsal, while Yemi Cregx and Khosi served as co-presenters. Justin, Lukay, and Olivia were the chefs. Blue Aiva, Jenni O, Juicy Jay, Marvin, and Mmeli were the judges at the rehearsal. 

Olivia prepared fictitious appetisers of pepper soup and fat cake, while Jenni O prepared egusi and pap. The cooking show was interrupted by a commercial performed by Blaqboi, Jaypee, Juicy Jay, and Yemi Cregx and concluded with the judges commenting on the meal and declaring a tie. Adjustments were made to the length of the showcase and other irregularities, and the rehearsal was repeated.

Post-rehearsal drama

Following the second take, there was more deliberation on adjustments to be made, which resulted in a clash between Jenni O and Miracle OP. Mmeli decided to get involved and called Jenni O out for her altercation with Miracle OP. Jenni O was almost in tears, lamenting that Mmeli should have called her aside if he had anything to say because she had reasons for confronting Miracle OP. Mmeli was smart enough to resolve issues with his partner, taking her aside to apologise. Jenni O also explained why she was upset with Miracle OP. He had been giving her irritated responses for a while, according to her explanation.

Remember we told y’all Miracle OP had a gossip session with Olivia, Jaypee, and Yvonne, where he warned them to be careful of Jenni O’s recent spiteful ways? 

Will the drama between the two end here? Only time will tell.

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