Day 10: Blue Aiva and Yemi Cregx's relationship blooms – BBTitans

25 January 2023
A kiss sealed the deal.
Big Brother Titans housemates, Yemi Cregx and Blue Aiva in the garden.

Following the Khoyemi breakup, Yemi Cregx has been flirting and forming a connection with Blue Aiva since she walked into the Big Brother Titans house on Day 5. That bond has reached its pinnacle as they shared a kiss last night!

The love birds enjoyed an evening in the garden where Yemi Cregx wooed her by writing on his whiteboard. Though Yelisa's punishment as the tails of house hindered his flirting, Blue Aiva could not stop blushing at his attempts.

Yemi Cregx then asked Blue Aiva if she ever gets jealous when he spends time with other female Big Brother Titans housemates. She responded in the affirmative and threw the question back at him by asking if he was jealous of her relationship with Mmeli. A confident Yemi Cregx stated that he was unbothered, and even if she decided to wander off, he knew she would always return to him. Right in that adorable moment, Blue Aiva asked Yemi Cregx if he wanted to kiss her. And he got right to it.

Will the pair make their ship official, or is this another Khoyemi situation? 

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