Day 23: HoH and nominations shake the internet — BBTitans

07 February 2023
Monday marked an explosive day in Biggie's house. From the unexpected in the Head of House challenge to cold blindsides during the nominations, the day was packed with drama.
Yvonne in the diary room

Love it or hate it, the self-proclaimed underdog is on top. On Monday night, a wave of surprise, shock, and excitement swept the internet. Royals, the pair consisting of Ebubu and Tsatsii, trounced all competition to find themselves victorious in the Head of House Challenge. 

The pair, who have previously fessed up to feeling like underdogs in the house, have much to celebrate in the coming week. 

It’s unsurprising, because Royals have built themselves quite the reputation of being easy-going, laid back, and often, lowkey. For the most part, Ebubu and Tsatsii’s moves have been subtle, allowing them to navigate the game with a sense of ease. But on Monday, all that was swung upside down. 

Not only will they be reigning and calling the shots for the next seven days, they can also look forward to treats from Biggie. As any housemate would attest, being on the receiving end of Biggie’s spoils can positively affect one’s entire game in the house. 

The Royals sit on HoH throne

Less sweet is how being in charge as Heads of House often has the potential of attracting a target on the back of those who’ve occupied the throne. 

That said, if Royals see a shift in how their fellow housemates move around, it would have already started with how they decided to use their veto save privilege. With Tsatsii being romantically linked to Kanaga Jnr, some may have expected Royals to save Kaniva. Will Kanaga feel slighted by the move? 

It's not all about watching your back. Royals are also being lauded for displaying loyalty. By saving Blaqleng, they have returned the favour. Blaqleng did the same for them during their reign as the first HoH pair in the house. 

Ships have been shaken, tables have been turned, and the game is heating up! 

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