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An image with all the housemates under the title, "The Season of Giants".
The season of giants – BBTitansWith the dust finally having settled, it’s time to review the inaugural season of Big Brother Titans and what it has come to represent.
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Ebuka and Lawrence's best fashion moments – BBTitansTheir looks were all hits and no misses.
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A look at how Khosi became a Titan champion – BBTitansLet’s take a look at the path that guaranteed Khosi the Big Brother Titans crown.
Image of the Big Brother Titans winner, Khosi
Finale – 2 Apr: Khosi wins the first-ever Big Brother Titans!King Khosi reigns supreme.
A collage of the finalists' faces.
Live show 12, 2 April: Big Brother's farewell to the housemates – BBTitansDuring the grand finale, BIg Brother shared some words of farewell with the housemates.
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Day 77: Finale week for the Titans – BBTitansTake a look at how the finalists spent their last week in Biggie’s house.
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Day 77: Reasons to watch the BBTitans finaleHere’s why you should be glued to your screens tonight.
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Day 77: The Saturday night party shutdown – BBTitans The housemates saved the last dance for Ebuka and Lawrence.
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Day 76: From me to you – BBTitans It was giving appreciation vibes in Biggie’s house.
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Day 76:The finalists have a Zen morning – BBTitansBig Brother treated them to massages.
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Day 76: Titans Top 20 tunes – BBTitansA selection of the songs that rocked the BBTitans house.
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Day 76: Tears fill up Biggie’s house – BBTitans The housemates hear from their family and loved ones.
Saturday night party
Day 75: Top two party looks from the finalists – BBTitans The cutest party outfits of the season!
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Day 75: Coffee with Ipeleng – BBTitansThe tables have turned – Khosi is finally in the hot seat.
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Day 75: The Titans diet – BBTitansNeed some food inspiration? Eat like your faves for a day. It's basically the basics.
Big Brother Titans housemates at a pool party
Day 74:The final splash of the season – BBTitansIt was a pool party for finalists only.
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Day 74: The Titans create mementoes – BBTitansRemember me as a good thing.
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Day 74: Ipeleng’s treasure hunt – BBTitans The housemates share household items like spoils of war.
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Day 74: Ipeleng and Yvonne’s friendship has gone from 0 to 100 – BBTitansWho would’ve thought the two would hit it off as friends?
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Day 73: It’s a win for Team Stocks – BBTitansTeam Stocks was named the winner and claimed the bragging rights for the night.
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Day 73: Five slang words that proved useful this season – BBTitans Conversations are far more fun with these BBTitans words that help you better express yourself!
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Day 73: Khosi and Ebubu share their fears about babies – BBTitans There’s no such thing as baby fever when it comes to Khosi and Ebubu.
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Day 73: Kanaga Jnr bummed by task loss – BBTitansHe aims to win and his group's loss weighed heavy on his shoulders.
How you voted this season - BBTitans

Biggie's one on ones

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Day 65: If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on? – BBTitans