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What's next for the ladies of To Have and To Hold?

26 May 2023
With speculations, suspense, and excitement mounting, fans eagerly await the upcoming season, bracing themselves for the twists and turns that lie ahead.
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Fans are buzzing with anticipation and excitement as they eagerly await the thrilling and suspenseful new season of To Have and To Hold

In the aftermath of season two's rollercoaster ride, the lives of Kuukua, Akosua, and Enyonam have been left in disarray, each facing their own unique challenges in matters of the heart. Kuukua finds herself torn between the repentant father of her child, Asamoah, and her lover Angelo, who promises to leave his wife for her and embrace fatherhood. Will Kuukua make a choice that satisfies her heart's desires, or will she be caught in a web of indecision?

Meanwhile, Akosua's world is shattered as she loses the love of her life, Kudjoe, to her friend Kamaria.  She found herself in this position because her confused self left Kudjoe and went back in the arms of her ex-husband, Sam, only to discover he is not the man she once thought him to be. Left navigating the treacherous streets of love, Akosua embarks on a quest for true love, encountering peculiar suitors who request fufu-pounding at the most unconventional hours. The journey to find her soulmate takes her down unexpected paths.

Enyonam, who had seemingly found happiness with Steve, finds herself drawn back to her ex-husband Nii Tetteh. Their deep-rooted connection and unresolved issues refuse to be ignored, hinting that perhaps fate is not yet finished with their story. As their lives intertwine once again, viewers are left to wonder if love will conquer all and give them a chance at a fresh start. That's if his Kenkey seller will permit though. 👀

Amidst these tantalizing storylines, we pause to pay homage to Ekow Blankson, the remarkable actor who portrayed Asamoah in the series. His compelling performance will forever be etched in our hearts, and his absence from the screen leaves a void that will be deeply felt. 🙏

With the premiere of season three just around the corner, fans are buzzing with anticipation, eagerly speculating on what lies ahead for these three captivating women. Friendships will be tested, relationships will be strained, careers will hang in the balance, and the joys and challenges of motherhood will take center stage. Yes, tha's right, we caught a glimpse into the future that reveals a pregnant Akosua, raising questions about the journey she is about to embark upon.

Mark your calendars for the highly-anticipated premiere on Wednesday, May 31st at 8:30pm, exclusively on Akwaaba Magic. From that point forward, prepare to be enthralled by the drama and captivated by the lives of Kuukua, Akosua, and Enyonam, as new episodes air every Wednesday and Thursday, delivering an enthralling television experience that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Get ready to be swept away once again as the new season of To Have and To Hold unveils its secrets, leaving us craving more of the captivating characters, gripping storylines, and unforgettable moments that have made this series a sensation. Stay tuned for a thrilling journey filled with speculations, suspense, and excitement.