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To Have And To Hold


To Have and To Hold season 3 premiere recap

02 June 2023
Grab your tissues and brace yourselves for the rollercoaster of emotions that the season three premiere episode brought us.
To Have and To Hold, Season 3,  Akwaaba Magic

From heartbreak to shocking revelations, this episode set the stage for a thrilling season ahead.

We were immediately hit with a wave of sadness as the show paid tribute to the late Ekow Blankson, who portrayed Asamoah, Kuukua's loving partner and father to their child. His sudden death in a tragic plane crash shattered the worlds of Kuukua and their son, Zak, who was also involved in an accident but is now on the road to recovery.

Before his passing, Asamoah had made plans to marry Kuukua, leaving Angelo heartbroken yet accepting, hoping for joint custody of their son. The big question now is, will Kuukua grant Angelo's request for joint custody, or will their past differences keep them apart?

To add fuel to the fire, Asamoah's ex-wife makes a disruptive appearance during the mourning period, injecting tension and discomfort into Kuukua, Enyonam, and Akosua's lives. Her unwelcome presence even reaches Zak's household, causing unease for his fiancé, Mansa, as she clearly disapproves of his choice. A storm is brewing, and we can't help but wonder what lies ahead for this complicated family dynamic.

Meanwhile, Nii Tetteh finally breaks free from the clutches of Anowa, the troublesome kenkey seller who once tried to trap him into marriage. He tries to rekindle his love with Enyonam, only to discover that Steve has found his way back into her life. The love triangle deepens with Enyonam torn between her desire for a future with Steve and the uncertainty surrounding Nii. Will fate intervene and reunite Enyonam and Nii for good this time?

Another bombshell from last season was Akosua's pregnancy bombshell. Unsure whether the father is Sam or Kudjoe, she chooses to keep the secret to herself and savor the journey into motherhood. As her pregnancy progresses, the suspense builds, leaving us eagerly awaiting the moment of truth.

On the other hand, Kudjoe's blissful newlywed moments with Kamaria are disrupted by her demanding work schedule. Loneliness and confusion seep into their marriage, and things take an unexpected turn when the mother of Kudjoe's first child outside their marriage enters the picture. Kamaria's decision to bring her home leaves Kudjoe shocked and uncertain about how to navigate this complex situation.

The premiere of To Have and To Hold season three has left us hungry for more drama. What will happen to our favorite couples this season? Will love conquer all, or will the twists and turns of fate keep them apart? Tune in every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150 and GOtv Supa channel 102 to witness the captivating journey unfold.

Get ready for love, heartbreak...let the drama begin!