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Stephanie Karikari unveils Africa's economic marvels on The SK Guide

18 July 2023
Witness remarkable stories, untold narratives, and uncharted territories within Africa.
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Get ready for a remarkable television experience as Stephanie Karikari, renowned for her grace and infectious charisma as a former beauty queen, takes on a new role as the captivating host of The SK Guide. This groundbreaking travel and lifestyle show unveils the untold stories, hidden treasures, and uncharted territories within Africa, showcasing the continent's extraordinary economic advancements.

Through tours, insightful conversations, and encounters with state officials, corporate executives, and celebrities, Stephanie Karikari ventures into the world of hosting to shed light on Africa's remarkable potential. With a passion for television and a deep curiosity about people's diverse backgrounds, she embarks on a journey to highlight the lifestyle and luxury Africa has to offer.

Each episode of The SK Guide presents a unique theme and a star-studded lineup of guests. Stephanie is joined by influential personalities such as Claudia Lumor, the CEO of Glitz, as well as musical sensations KiDi and DBlack. Together, they explore the diverse lifestyles, economic developments, and remarkable accomplishments that have propelled Africa to the forefront of the global stage.

Speaking on what sets The SK Guide apart, Stephanie emphasizes its versatility and its ability to connect with viewers across ages, cultures, and backgrounds. The show aims to leave a lasting impact by showcasing Africa's abundant blessings, educating those in need, and highlighting investment opportunities.

The highly anticipated premiere of The SK Guide is set for Friday, 21 July, at 3:30pm, exclusively on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150 and GOtv Supa channel 102. Join Stephanie Karikari on an enthralling journey of discovery as she unravels Africa's economic marvels and invites viewers to witness the continent's excellence firsthand.