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Tanko Villa: A guide to the different types of tenants you'll meet

17 April 2023
From prayer warriors to chaotic families, explore the different personalities of tenants that make living in a compound unique, as seen in Tanko Villa.
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Living in a compound can be a unique experience, especially when you have a variety of tenants to interact with. Some tenants can make your stay in the compound a pleasant one, while others can leave you with a nightmare. Tanko Villa features a variety of these types of tenants, and we'll be exploring the different types of tenants you're likely to meet in a compound through insights from the show.

The Prayer Warriors 

The Obumpas are the epitome of a stable couple with their religious beliefs and non-troublesome acts. They are the prayer warriors, and they seem like the perfect tenants to live with. However, beneath the surface, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. What the Obumpas have taught us is that if you're fortunate to live with people like them in the same compound, it's essential to be mindful of your neighbor's privacy and respect their boundaries.

The Chaotic Family

Prof and his chaotic family are the most loved couple by the audience, but they are the most immature and chaotic people to live with. If it's not Auntie Connie poking her nose in your business, it's her husband trying to scam you and your family, or Feli sleepwalking into your room like a thief in the night. Living with such tenants can be a challenging experience, and it's vital to communicate your boundaries and expectations early on to avoid conflicts.

The Mole

If you have a tenant like Prof in your compound and you've been wondering how your landlord/landlady gets to know about incidents that occurred even in their absence, now you know who the mole is. The mole is a tenant who acts as the landlord's informant and reports any incidents or issues happening in the compound. In most cases, they are usually besties with the landlord/landlady,just like Prof and Papa Tanko and while it's crucial to have such tenants in a compound, it's also essential to ensure that they don't abuse their power or overstep their boundaries.

The Head Honcho

Although not a tenant, some landlords/landladies live in the same compound with their tenants. While some play it cool, others can be a tenant's worst nightmare (yes, we mean you Mama Tanko 😂). The landlord/lady is responsible for ensuring that the compound is well maintained and that tenants adhere to the rules and regulations. As a tenant, it's crucial to have a good relationship with your landlord/lady to ensure a smooth and stress-free stay in the compound.

The Social Butterflies

Fafa and Kumi are the tenants who always seem to have visitors. They are the social butterflies of the compound and are always nice to their co-tenants and very entertaining too. Living with such tenants can be an enjoyable experience, especially if you enjoy socializing and meeting new people. However, it's essential to set boundaries early on to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts.

So, which types of tenants do you live with, and which types are your favorites to live with?