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Roses And Daggers


New on AK: Roses and Daggers & Blurred Lines

09 June 2021
Look out for the new drama series this June on Akwaaba Magic, Roses and Daggers and Blurred Lines.
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When it comes to the drama and telenovela genres, Akwaaba Magic isn't slowing down. This month of June, we're carrying on with our 'Best in Homemade Entertainment' title with new shows, Roses and Daggers and Blurred Lines.

Roses and Daggers | Starts 9 June, 2021

Talented hairdresser, Winifred, owns a salon in a small town that attracys a wealth client who encourages her to move her business to the city. On the other hand in another village, Sesi is encouraged by her grandmother to marry a man she does not love.

See how things unfold in this new Ghanaian telenovela, starring your favourite A-list stars, Adjetey Anang, Michelle Hammond, Daisy Little, Esi Hammond.

Tune in on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm, only on Akwaaba Magic, DStv CH 150.

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Blurred Lines | Starts 10 June, 2021

Max, Joe, Racheal and Chantel have been friends since childhood, but when Chantel finds out that Racheal has been getting together with her ex-boyfriend, Max, she feels betrayed. Not convinced that Max is really over Racheal and desperate for answers, Chantel devises a plan to drive a wedge between Racheal and her boyfriend, Joe. As predicted, this sends Racheal back into the arms of Max, confirming Chantel's suspicions. Now, Chantel must navigate this tangle of friendship and love.

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This series is directed by Dickson Dzakpasu and will be airing on DStv CH 15O every Thursday at 9:00pm.

Stay glued to Akwaaba Magic for the best in local entertainment.