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Keeping up with Winifred and Sesi – Roses and Daggers

30 September 2021
Trouble, lies, deceit and manipulation are all these two are serving. Who’s hungry?
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We’re 32 episodes in, and all Winifred and Sesi have done is to keep us at the edge of our seats. With Winifred trying to ruin Anita’s marriage for her selfish gains, to Sesi falling in love with an almost married Joshua, we’re bracing up for all the drama to come on Roses and Daggers.

What’s Winifred up to?

First, she left home and disowned her family, and then she cooked up some fancy lies to trick Anita into letting her stay in her house with her. That’s not all, she’s trying to destroy Anita’s pregnancy and seducing her husband, Zak while at it.

Although, it seems Zak isn’t falling into her seduction trap, Winifred has successfully caused a chaotic mess filled with distrust and pain in their home. She got someone to break into Anita’s hospital bed to take some compromising pictures of her and post these pictures with some intimate captions that suggest Anita is cheating on Zak. Then with the help of this same man, she hacked into Anita’s phone and started sending an unknown man’s nude pictures. Zak got hold of these pictures and confronted the heavily pregnant Anita who was helpless and confused.

Everyone needs a mother-in-law like Zak’s mother though! She has been the voice of reasoning in the home and her instincts tell her that Winifred is bad news in that home. Oh, if only they could take a moment to listen to her. Now that Anita has landed in the hospital and Zak still doesn’t believe her, Winifred is keeping herself busy with plotting more ways to ruin Anita, while actively trying to get Zak in bed with her. The question is why though? Could it be jealousy? Or does she just want to take Anita’s happy life?

In case you missed it, watch this to catch up

The Sesi-Joshua-Valerie little triangle

Just when we were planning Joshua and Valerie’s upcoming wedding, Joshua seems to have fallen in love with Sesi. At first, we thought he was only helping the poor, helpless Sesi when he helped her nurse the wound she sustained on site, and also took care of all she owed Efo (the old man she was betrothed to in the village). But after going to pay her a visit in the village right in the middle of the night and getting her a phone, it is evident he’s beginning to develop a soft spot for Sesi.

While Valerie is complaining about not getting some attention and intimate moments from Joshua, Joshua and Sesi ended up in bed together when she took a four-hour trip to the city to pay him a visit. It was at this moment he broke the news of his engagement to Sesi who didn’t take it well and blamed herself for throwing herself at him. “You’re different, this is different, don’t compare yourself to her,” he said when she spoke about how she was stupid to think he would fall for her, when he had a beautiful smart woman by his side.

We wonder what Joshua means by this and we can’t wait to see things unfold in the series as Winifred and Sesi take on their lives in the city. The drama continues on Roses and Daggers on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv Channel 150.