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Three times we fell in love with magic – Rollie and Andy: Magic in Us

02 May 2021
With seven episodes down the line, we’re happy to highlight the tricks that made us fall in love with magic. Warning: You’ll fall in love too!
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Undoubtedly, magic tricks can be very, erm, tricky (pun intended) to get right; and every week, Rollie and Andy have completely swept us away without missing a beat.

Below are some of our favourite tricks from the show, Rollie and Andy: Magic in Us. Whether they remind us of our favourite childhood fairy tales or movie plots, each one is worth watching over and over.

The floating cutlery and unlocked phone

“I’m still in shock and I don’t get anything that just happened,” said one of the ladies after being dazed by the magicians. First, they had a session with Andy who magically placed a floating cutlery piece on a can and next, Rollie guessed a lady’s phone password just by looking at her palms. Putting these magic tricks in words cannot do it justice, so you’ll just have to see this one for yourself.

There’s no such thing as failed magic

At first, it appeared to be a botched trick when Andy asked an audience member to think of a drink in their mind as he tried to guess the name. In response, he brought out a can of Fanta and found out the person had actually thought about Coca-Cola. This left everyone shocked, wondering how he missed that, until he struck a matchstick, threw it at the can, and then asked for the drink to be opened and poured into a glass cup for everyone to see. Guess what drink poured out of this can? It was Coca-Cola! Andy said: “A really good magician should be able to improvise when necessary.”

Watch the mysterious magic drink below:

More than entertainment

Popular entertainers Michael Blackson and Fuse ODG (real name Nana Richard Abiona) were hanging out together at a lounge and little did they know they were about to be hit hard with magic. From guessing the name of the animal in Blackson’s head to bringing the animal to life, making cards disappear and igniting connections between people, Blackson and Fuse ODG were left with mouths wide open as they watched Rollie and Andy do what they know how to do best. They thought it was over until Rollie performed one last electrifying magic trick. Do you want to know what it was? See it below:

Magic is all around us and with Rollie and Andy: Magic in Us on your screens every Sunday at 8:00pm on DStv, CH 150 #AkwaabaMagic, it’s closer than you think. Stay tuned for more!