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Rollie & Andy Magic In US


Straight out of Rollie and Andy’s magic hats!

29 March 2021
Grab your popcorn and drinks and enjoy this exclusive chat with your favourite magicians, Rollie and Andy.
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Most magicians develop a knack for magic at a very young age – and our very own Rollie Magiq and Andy The Disturber are no different. In this chit-chat, we lift the curtain and get to see right through their magic hats. Call that a hat trick!

Since Rollie and Andy: Magic in Us premiered on the 14th of March, these young magicians have left us in awe – and what we love the most is that the show has only just begun! While we wait for more magic tricks to be beamed into our homes on Akwaaba Magic DStv CH 150 every Sunday at 8:00pm, we decided to have a sit-down with Rollie and Andy, where they told us about how they explore a combination of magic, art and friendship as a tag team, amongst many other things.

They also let us in on their favourite magic tricks, how they felt when they got the call to showcase their magic on television, what the world should look forward to from them, and so much more.

One on one with Rollie and Andy

How did you feel when you got the call to showcase your magic on #AkwaabaMagic150?

We felt blessed and proud that the art of performing magic tricks in Ghana and in Africa as a whole, had finally received this level of attention.  

What should we expect on the show? Surprise tricks? Any “wow” moments in particular?

Fans of the show and magic in general, should expect nothing but the best magic tricks. Surprises are magical so everyone should watch the show to see for themselves. What we will say though is that we do some crazy stuff on the show that you have to see, to believe!

How would you answer people’s questions about how real magic truly is?

Real magic is not about the magic tricks themselves, but the feeling that exudes when the trick is performed. If we can affect you positively with our magic tricks, then our job as magicians is done.

Tell us the best part about shooting Rollie and Andy: Magic in Us

Shooting this show made us connect with some big names in the entertainment industry and helped us show them how entertaining magic can be. Another great part is the experience we have gathered from some of the challenges we faced shooting this show, since it’s our first TV show.

What are your favourite magic tricks?

We don’t really have a “favourite” magic trick, per se. But the simplest tricks are mostly the ones we love performing.

What do you like about being magicians?

Being a magician comes with some benefits but being able to give someone a sense of wonder and thrill is what we like most about the craft.

Any role models?

We look up to solo performer David Blaine, but Penn and Teller have always been our mentors as duo performers.

Could you give other young magicians advice that would help them sail through the waters of magic successfully?

Magic is really not a big thing in Africa yet, so it takes hard work and dedication in order for you to be recognised. Also, you should know your craft and be well equipped with the basics because most big magic effects evolve from the basics. Finally, if you really want to go far, you must envision the end goal and invest in your craft.

Lastly, any big news your fans should look forward to from you?

We believe the best is yet to come since we have taken the big step of showcasing our craft through Akwaaba Magic. We would like to ask our fans to keep supporting us and get used to seeing us on television because there is so much more we are currently working on.

Fun facts about Rollie and Andy

  • They both started showing interest in magic at a very young age; Rollie at the age of eight and Andy, when he was 15.
  • Their respective uncles shared the secrets of magic to them, and they have worked on this passion ever since.
  • In 2013, they met in university and teamed up to tackle the art of magic together.

What a magical pair! Despite coming from different backgrounds, these two are definitely two peas in a pod and we can’t wait to see where they take the craft to next.

Looking forward to more hat-tricks? Watch Rollie and Andy on Akwaaba Magic every Sunday at 8:00pm on DStv CH 150.