Queen Modjadji takes the throne on Akwaaba Magic

09 July 2024
Enter into the world of the renowned rain-making queen!
Queen Modjadji social sharing image

Sunday night’s prime-time slot on Akwaaba Magic is just days away from being magnified, as the much-anticipated drama Queen Modjadji, premieres on Sunday, 14 July at 10:00pm GMT.

This remarkable story draws inspiration from the legendary Balobedu rainmaker, Queen Modjadji, whose bloodline has reigned over Southern Africa's Lobedu clan for centuries.

Destined for the throne and endowed with a powerful ancestral gift, her rule ushered in a lineage of hereditary Queens. Her journey tells the story of a matriarchal dynasty, revered for their mystical ability to control the clouds and summon the rain, securing the Balobedu royalty a venerated place among African dynasties.

“Bringing Queen Modjadji to our audiences meets their desire for television entertainment drawn from our heritage and aligns with our plans to create a catalogue of drama series made in African languages. Queen Modjadji follows the success of Shaka Ilembe, which was a global phenomenon and part of MultiChoice’s strategy to promote home-grown, authentic African storytelling,” says Nomsa Philiso, MultiChoice Group CEO for General Entertainment.

Produced for MultiChoice by Rhythm World Productions, Queen Modjadji is finally airing on Sunday after the team spent months researching, consulting with key stakeholders, tribal leaders, and academic experts. Renowned poet, playwright, and producer, Duma Ndlovu leads the project, aiming to create a series that captivates viewers with the rich culture and traditions of the Lobedu.

“The earth, the elements, and human energy connect in ways that are both physical and spiritual, both obvious and unseen. Queen Modjadji embodied this connection, and we will explore what this royal title and the women who’ve held it have lived, sacrificed, lost, and achieved. We also aim to be very entertaining, with a strong episodic storyline and historical detail set under unpredictable skies, where rain or storm reflects the lives of those below,” says Ndlovu.


The cast includes:

  • Makoma Mohale- Maselekwani (Queen Modjadji), the young Queen-in-waiting who brings about a golden age of peace and prosperity to the land. No stranger to the small screen, Makoma has appeared on various television shows, including Mzansi Magic’ s The River. A graduate of the Performing Arts, her first performances were theatre based in plays such as Too Sweet Too Bad, Fright Alah and The Infidel.   


  • Masutang Rasekele (Dzugudini) – A new face on screen, Masutang plays Dzugudini, the daughter of the Rain King and the mother of Queen Modjadji. Dzugudini is crucial in Lovedu history, saving the kingdom from drought.


  • Ngelekanyo Ramulodi (Young Queen Modjadji) – Known from Mzansi Magic's S'phiwo, Ngele plays the young Modjadji, 14-year-old Maselegwani.


  • Helen Lebepe (Raisibe) – Helen, with roles in Mzansi Magic’s Saints & Sinners, plays Raisibe, Modjadji's confidant.


  • Thabo Bopape (Mambo Mugodo) – Thabo, a film director and producer, plays the Supreme Mambo of the Kharanga Kingdom, striving to restore balance and end a severe drought.


  • Wiseman Zitha (Mamaila) – An award-winning actor, Wiseman plays King Mugodo’s estranged son, raised by King Thulare.


  • Modi Mudau (Khadikhulu) – Maselekwani’s aunt and adviser.


  • Putla Setlapelo (Ramulodi) – Keeper of the secret and king’s keeper.


  • Priscilla Raboroko (young Raisibe) – Maselekwani’s childhood companion and trusted friend.


  • Aubrey Mmakola (Kgoshi Mampuru) – King of the neighbouring Bapedi Kingdom.


  • Moses D Rasekele (Mphabantshi) – The royal healer and prophecy teller.


  • Sipho Ndlovu (General Phaahla) – The cunning General of the Bapedi Kingdom.


  • Candy TsaMaNdebele (Muyahabo) – Award-winning musician Candy plays Muyahabo, one of Mambo Mugodo’s wives.


For more information on Queen Modjadji, including news on casting and updates on the production, visit www.mzansimagic.tv.